Jane Lambert

I am a troubleshooter. My job is to keep you or your clients out of trouble or, if you are already in trouble, to extricate you or your clients from it as cheaply, quickly and satisfactorily as possible.

The best way to keep out of trouble is to anticipate it before it occurs. That is why it is a good idea to consult me at the earliest possible stage. Thus, if you have developed a new product or service that gives your business a competitive edge we can discuss the options that allow you to keep that advantage. That does not necessarily mean applying for patents, trade marks or registered designs for everything you produce everywhere in the world. It means using limited resourced to maximum advantage.

Similarly, if you are negotiating a licence, an agreement to develop or distribute software or some other business transaction, I can flag up possible causes of conflict and advise you how to deal with them. Often I think of points you and your negotiating partner never thought of. Once you have agreed the terms in principle I can turn them into a watertight agreement. I have set out some of the ways in which I can help your business in the “Business Transactions” page of my “Advice and Drafting” section.

If you receive a letter of claim from a solicitor or patent or trade mark attorney complaining that you have infringed his or her client’s patent, trade mark, copyright, design or other intellectual property right I will evaluate the case against you and suggest a response. Often that means negotiating a settlement either face to face or through mediation but sometimes it means taking pre-emptive action such as applying for an injunction to restrain groundless threats.

If you think that someone has infringed your intellectual property, breached a contract with you or harmed you in some other way we will advise you on the best way forward. That may require litigation but it may be possible to resolve the dispute in some other way such as arbitration, ADR or proceeding in the IPO. If you do need to sue I can draw up statements of case, witness statements, application notices, minutes of order, skeleton arguments and other court documents. Some indication of the help I offer is set out in the Disputes Resolution page.

If you have to go to law, I can present your case effectively orally or in writing. We appear in the Patents Court, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the Chancery Division, the Intellectual Property Office and other courts and tribunals. I can also represent you before mediators and arbitrators in this country and abroad including online.

Further information on my court, tribunal and arbitration work with links to case histories appears on mt “Advocacy” page. Individual members have posted links or references to their reported cases.

I also sit as an arbitrator, mediator and domain name panellist.